Ball Pythons

Ball Pythons (python regius)

Ball or royal pythons (Python regius) are one of the smallest species of the python genus. They typically grow to around 3-4 ft. (90-120cm) in length with females longer than males, between 4-4.5 ft. (90-140cm). Exceptional older specimens may reach 5-5.5 ft. (150-170cm) and weigh anything up to 3-4 kg. Their natural habit is the savannahs, grasslands and lightly wooded forest areas of West Africa.

Ball pythons are typically non aggressive and their primary method of defence is to curl up into a ball and hide their heads. Of course like all pythons they can bite and have a mouth filled with sharp teeth. On the whole ball pythons have a very docile disposition and are easy to handle. They make good pets.

Over the past decade, thousands of per keepers worldwide have discovered that not only do ball pythons make great pets, but due to the dozens of naturally occurring neutral genetic mutations, they can be bred for a specific colour and pattern. This had led to a wide spread cottage industry of keepers and breeders producing increasing numbers and varieties of colourful designer ball python morphs.

Ball pythons have gone way beyond every other species of captive bred snake in the numbers of keepers, hobby and professional breeders, number of morphs and sheer volume of snakes being kept. The exception possibly being corn snakes, (Pantherophis guttatus guttatus).

More people discover that ball pythons are great snakes, combined with the dazzling array of genetically inherited designer-morphs, this ride still has a long way to go!

Source: Designer-Morphs (John R.berry)